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Orion is dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized care for senior adults who are in need of assisted living due to physical frailty, disability and memory loss.

Orion is also committed to providing pease of mind and support to families and friends who choose Orion, as an extend family, to care for their loved one.

Established in 1995, Orion is a 25 bed residence that is privately owned and operated by a local registered nurse who has thirty years of experience in geriatric nursing. Orion is dedicated to providing exceptional care to senior adults in a small, home-like environment.


Professionally directed and managed, Orion is committed to providing a warm and loving home for each resident. Balancing structure and safety with sensitivity and awareness of each person's unique personality and value, our goal is to enable each resident to live with love, respect, understanding and compassion. Orion's home-like setting and wellness approach to services and care meets the individual needs of residents as they "age in place".Orion also recognizes and values the role of family and friends who trust and rely on Orion to provide for the unique needs of their loved one.


Providing support and compassion to family members, who are often personally exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to cope with the impact of their relative's progressive needs.