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"Our deepest appreciation to all of you who took such wonderful care of my Dad. We always knew that he was in capable hands. May God bless all of you for your dedication and compassion."


"I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for the loving care that you gave to my Aunt. I can’t begin to imagine the difficulties you all face each day in caring for Alzheimer’s patients. It takes a special and very patient person and I pray that God richly blesses you all. Thank you for all the kindnesses you have extended over the years."


"I have been a US Marine for 17 years and it is my understanding that you are considering Orion to care for your mother. My mother is currently a resident there. I am stationed in North Carolina, so I had to find a place that can take care of my mother and make sound decisions. Orion was an answer to my prayers! I know that every situation is different and those of us who have to make tough decisions have many concerns.

When I had to place my mother into assisted living I had many concerns and doubts. As a Marine who has been deployed around the world 6 times in 17 years, ensuring my mother received quality and detailed care was huge for me. I did not want to be in Afghanistan and have to worry about if my mother was okay. Since day 1 when my mother arrived I knew that Orion was the right place for her. Me. Suzie listened to my questions and took notes of what my mother’s likes and dislikes were. Ms. Suzie demonstrated sound judgment and leadership which left me with reassurance that she knew exactly how to care for my mother

During my mother’s first month I made various visits during various hours to see if I could find any major problems with how Orion functioned. Orion evening staff was attentive to my mother’s needs as well of the other residents. Orion’s staff is a top notch staff that listens to the patients and family members concerns.

Most importantly they monitor the resident’s health very closely. For example my mother was not feeling well one day and they noticed my mother’s mood was not the same and that she was not herself. Without hesitation they notified me of the situation (during a training exercise) and had my mother sent to the hospital. It turned out that my mother’s heart rate was really high so the hospital had to place a pacemaker to control the heart rate. If it had not been for Orion’s staff paying attention to the details of their residents my mother’s situation could have turned out different.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that my mother was not a “people person”. I had a huge concern about her getting along with other people and fitting in. Ms. Suzie developed a plan that allowed my mother to get familiar to the place at my mother’s pace. Due to their hard work and understanding, my mother has adjusted very well to Orion and now she socializes with the other residents. My mother enjoys the atmosphere and most of all the great home cooked meals and interaction.

Ms. Kathy if you place your mother in Orion, trust me when I say you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you mother is getting great care. If I can be in North Carolina and know my mother is in good hands, I know I can go any place around the world and do what the President asked of me and not worry about her. I hope I answered some of your concerns or questions."

Semper Fidelis

"My Mom and I can’t thank you all enough for the dedicated, difficult work that you do. You made my Mom feel like family and took fantastic care of us during my Father’s illness. May God bless each one of you and your families."


"I’m in your debt for the very great care you all are giving to my husband. I’ve been worried but I can see there is no need to give it another thought. I can now go to my Sons wedding and not need to think any about his care.
Thank you so much".


"God bless all of you for your care of my Mom in her extended illness. We are grateful for the personal care that she received and we know that her sweetness found a way into each of your hearts. May the needs of the elderly continue to be your priority. Thanks so much."

Patrice and Family

"Thanks for taking care of our mom. Knowing that your excellent staff was watching over mom took a real worry off us."


"Thank you so much for making our mom’s final years so happy and comfortable. The care she received was extraordinary. Over the years we have found Orion to be beyond our expectations. Our minds were always at ease knowing that she was well cared for. Thank you so much. Our years of visiting her at Orion were always extremely pleasant. We know you loved her as much as we do."


"I would like to thank everyone on staff at Orion for your wonderful care of my mother while at your facility. You were all so kind to her and always so ready to give me an update on how she was doing whenever I called or visited her. The last several weeks were very trying for us but you were always there to help my mom and help us get through those hard times. Again thank you all for your kindness."


"There are no words to define our appreciation for the care you provided to my sister over the last two years. She could not have been delivered to her peaceful place with more kindness, empathy and attention and we thank you so very much. You all…are God’s Angels on Earth."

Peggy & Tom

"We wanted to let you and your staff know how much we appreciated the excellent care and personal attention you gave mom. She could not have been at a better place. During the last couple weeks it was so comforting to know that there was always someone checking in or was with her. You were always so accommodating when we were there, whether it was by offering us something to drink, a snack, or by offering a meal. (Very good home cooked meals). And lastly we commend you on giving your facility the warm atmosphere of a bed and breakfast."


"Orion Family, When there came a time, when I could no longer stay home; you loved me and made sure that I was never alone. The trips and socials, and the smiles each day; helped me know that a friend, was never far away. You all understood how much, life meant to me; and together we sang, and we danced happily. You became more than workers, you were people who cared; and I will never forget, all the good times we shared. Your care for me and my family as well; meant more than a letter is able to tell. So thank you for making, my time here the best; you are truly far above, all the rest."


"Thank you for the great job and efforts you show the residence and especially our Mom. We know it is not easy to keep a smile on your face every day. But you all are so kind and pleasant. God bless you all."


"I wanted to extend a very sincere thank you to each and every one of you. When my grandmother arrived there, a little over a year ago, we were all very nervous and hesitant to place her. We were concerned for her adaptability and her well being. We never dreamed that she would adapt so well and consider Orion her ‘home’ early. This says a lot about Orion and the genuine people who are employed there. Upon my grandmothers last hours, the staff attended to her needs and our family. It was very touching to see each of the employees say their final farewells to my grandmother. It was so genuine, as they hugged and kissed her good bye and some of the staff even saying, “I love you”, to her. I know my grandmother was a special person and you all allowed her to be herself and share a special bond with you. My family and I want to send a very sincere ‘Thank you’ for you kindness and genuineness, May God Bless You."